Kent Music

Daniel is a proud member of the Kent Youth Choirs team and has recently started working with Kent Music on a New Romney singing project.

New Romney Vocal Project


Daniel is lucky enough to be the lead tutor/conductor for a project bringing primary schools of New Romney together. This Summer has seen the start of this project, which culminates with all the schools performing Tim Jacksons "Opening Night" and each school singing their own individual piece being lead by Daniel.

The project is due to progress further in the new school year as each school takes on a Vocal Club, who will then be invited to come and sing at a monthly session with Canterbury Cathederal's David Newsholme assisted by Daniel.


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Kent Youth Choirs

At the age of 14, Daniel joined the Kent Youth Singers as a young, unexperienced boy with a joy for singing. At 15, he joined the Kent Youth Barbershop, then at 16 he joined the Kent Youth Choir. It was through this progression that gave Daniel a passion for singing; not only were the groups a great centre of musicality, but they also provided the opportunity to engage with other likeminded and creative people.

Daniel progressed through the choirs and eventually, fresh out of University in 2010, he was given the opportunity to become the Kent Youth Singers Boy's Vocal Coach. Since then, Daniels career has progressed and along with it, his role at the Kent Youth Choirs.

Currently, Daniel vocal coaches the youngest of the Youth Choirs - Kent County Junior Singers, once a month alongside their conductor Karen Hill. The main focus of this group, is to introduce children to the merits of singing as part of a team and training them to become aurally aware and try to instil a healthy and focused rehearsal etiquette that will hopefully take them through the choirs.

He is also the Male Vocal Coach for both the Kent Youth Singers(KYS) and the Kent Youth Choir(KYC) who meet three times a year for a 4 day residential singing course. Each of these choirs have their own strategies and Daniel works closely with KYS conductor Ciara Considine and KYC conductor Ben Rous, to ensure that each choir are focused, healthy and perform to the best possible standards.